Rotarity is a luxury streetwear rental service.

Streetwear designs are often bold and powerful. Too daring to own long term, but perfect to wear a handful of times. That combined with their high prices, makes accessibility limited.

We exist to solve that problem.

We curate newly released luxury streetwear items from top designer brands, and make them available on a rotating basis, at a fraction of the cost of ownership.

Why live a dynamic life, with a static wardrobe? Change is good. And our mission is to synchronize your wardrobe with your ever-changing life and style preferences.

No more waiting and obsessing over items you can’t pull the trigger on. Or dealing with the guilt of an expensive piece collecting dust in your closet.

It’s the best way to wear stylish, high quality streetwear.

Join the waitlist to lock down your place in line. We are currently growing our inventory to meet the high demand.

Be patient. It’s a gift. We thank you.